I, The Cursed

by Font of Misery

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released September 4, 2014

All Music and Lyrics by Dean George
except M, Written by Robert Smith and The Cure

Dean George - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programming




Laughing Casket Windsor, Ontario

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Track Name: A Song About Death
The world you knew was cold
here a world, void of sadness
the lies and hate to be told
here a slow, creeping madness

stand at the shore of eternity
feel the sand under your feet
the tide recedes and the wind moans
the ferry is here to take you home

a world where only ghosts remain
free of sorrow, free of pain
a quiet future among the late
someday this will be your fate
Track Name: A Spectacle
I see them when i open my eyes
I still feel them when they're drawn
I think its time i realize
They're not even there at all

The cold morning air at the window
The sun will soon pierce the sky
They're not here with me i should know
How can i trust my eyes?

Feels like im losing touch with reality
Ghost stories always on my mind
Wonder if what i see is really me
Playing tricks of a different kind

Insane, the lack of sleep is taking me
On a dark path i dont want to go
Awake, i start to quiestion my humanity
Is this real? I would really like to know